Much like every other part of the house, the foundation is not invulnerable to damages. The sooner you recognize the signs of problems and have them repaired, the better it is for your house and wallet.

Wall Cracks

There shouldn’t be any unexpected structural damage to walls if the house has a strong foundation. Walls are built to last, so every unusual crack in drywall calls for your immediate attention. Same thing applies to the exterior walls, particularly when the cracks run horizontally. Mounting water pressure or unbalanced soil can put excessive strain on the foundation, resulting in horizontal cracks which may go from wall to wall.

Sinking Ground

Uneven surfaces along the perimeter of the house can happen due to drainage issues or water leakage. Sinking around the house suggests there might be something terribly wrong with the house foundation.

Tile Floor Cracks

Apart from being an excellent material for flooring, tile also provides indication when your foundation needs a repair. Cracked tiles – without any easy explanation for the damage – are most likely caused by damaged foundation.

Bouncy Floors

There are some reasons why your floors are spongy and bouncy. They were not built that way, meaning some changes have occurred in the underlying structure to alter their structural integrity. The problems could be with the floorboards, crawl space, or foundation.

When it comes to foundation damage, very few (if any) superficial fixes can solve the problem for good. In the event you notice any sign that your foundation is failing, give Todd Huff Construction Inc. a call and we will figure out the best most effective method to deal with it.