People whose jobs are to build and renovate homes or buildings are professionals, but not necessarily contractors. The main job of a contractor in construction work is similar to that of a conductor of an orchestra, coordinating a group of tradespeople hired to get the job done.

Contractors are, by definition, trained and licensed to perform the duties of a coordinator in a construction project. On the other hand, unlicensed contractors are in no position to offer such service; although they might be trained for the job, they lack the legal requirements. The distinction will most likely affect personal liability on the homeowner’s part.

Liability Compensation Insurance

The vast majority of “unlicensed” contractors do not carry worker’s compensation and/or liability insurance. In the event of damages to properties during or as a result of the construction project, the homeowner is held responsible for everything. The lack of worker’s compensation means homeowners are also legally responsible for worker injury or deaths while working on the project.

In the absence of a licensed contractor, the court considers the homeowners the official “contractors” in any legal proceeding that follows an unexpected incident causing financial loss or physical injuries. Therefore homeowners must cover all legal and financial liability claims.

Although not all jurisdictions make contractor licensing mandatory, it is in the homeowners’ best interest to work with licensed contractors in any construction project. When contractors are licensed, it is a major sign they want to do things right. Licensed contractors minimize your risk and eliminate uncertainty for homeowners.

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