A good rule of thumb is if a project takes a full day or two to complete, hire a handyman or subcontractor; for a more complex project which requires several days or more to get done and involves permits, you probably should hire a general contractor.

Let us say you want to remodel a kitchen. The plan most likely calls for the removal of a wall that separates the kitchen and dining room, installation of wall oven and cooktop, flooring upgrades, built-in refrigerator, extensive plumbing works, lighting improvement, and major overhaul of electrical wiring among others. To make sure everything is done in accordance to local building codes, you need everything handled by professionals of different specializations including but not limited to plumbers, electricians, painters, carpenters, and masons.

Hiring each separately means you must coordinate the delivery of supplies and appliances so that everyone receives the right materials at the right time throughout the entire project. Let us not forget the county may require you to obtain building permits and allow for inspections at various stages. Unless you have a working knowledge of construction methods, local building regulations, and project management to properly exercise supervisory roles – also quite a lot of time to oversee the project itself – hiring a general contractor is a much better choice and often more cost-efficient.

It is not just kitchen remodel; many home improvement projects such as bathroom overhaul, roof replacement, foundation repair, room additions, layout changes, fencing, water damage repair, and landscaping works are best handled by general contractors.

Remember to only work with licensed general contractor for assurance of safety and quality. When the time finally comes to have some major home improvement done, give us a call and we’ll help determine the most time-efficient and budget-friendly options.