If you need some work done at your current home or are thinking about a new construction project, a general contractor in Ventura County can provide the necessary expertise and assistance to get the job done.

When you choose Todd Huff Construction Inc., you’re working with a second-generation firm with over 35 years of experience. Our team specializes in commercial, industrial, and custom residential projects.

Although we’re committed to providing high-quality results and world-class customer service, contracting scammers have something different in mind. When you know how to avoid the common scams that get used, it’s much easier to prevent future problems.

What You Need to Know About Today’s Common Contractor Scams

 Although many scammers focus on older adults, anyone can become a victim because of the tactics that these people use to get your money. Here’s what you need to watch for before hiring Ventura contractors.

1. Door-to-Door Solicitation

Many reputable contractors perform door-to-door solicitation as a form of cold-calling. Those conversations are not the issue. A problem develops when you hear that the company has leftover materials or can offer a reduced price because a client canceled. In this situation, almost no work gets done after making the payment. That leaves you with an abandoned project.

2. Scare Tactics

Some scammers can convince people that severe problems exist in their homes after performing a “free inspection.” You might get told that your roof is leaking, faulty wiring exists, or you must replace the plumbing. This scam often leads to overpriced or unnecessary work.

3. Cash Demands

If workers demand that you pay for their services in cash, you should avoid contractors in Ventura County (or anywhere) that won’t accept another option. Some people even drive you to the back to withdraw the funds. If you give someone cash, it’s much harder to track incomplete work. You’re often left with an unfinished project, substandard work, and other problems that cost more to correct.

4. Down Payment Demands

A general contractor in Ventura County can ask for the lesser of $1,000 or 10% of the total project price. Although there are a handful of exceptions for those with a payment bond and blanket performance on file with the registrar, you can find this information on the license detail page from the Contractors State License Board (CSLB). If you get asked for more without this information, you’ll know it is time to find a different service provider.

5. High-Pressure Sales

Some Ventura contractors might push you toward a sale, but it won’t be in a high-pressure environment where an immediate decision is necessary. You should always get at least three competitive bids for your project. It’s also a great idea to review permit requirements, references, and licenses before agreeing to anything.

The best Ventura County general contractors provide a written contract because it holds both parties accountable to the project. At Todd Huff Construction Inc., we’re committed to producing the high-quality results you deserve while staying with your budget. Avoiding these scams is the first step toward creating the outcomes you want!