The numerous flooring options may seem a bit confusing at first, but choosing the right one for your specific needs actually is pretty simple. It all comes down to just a few questions as follows.

Is It High-moisture Area?

Bathrooms and kitchens require specific flooring options to withstand abuse from high humidity levels. Best options include ceramic or porcelain tile, concrete, or vinyl tile. In any other room where moisture is not a concern, any type of flooring is good.

Do you have pets?

Wear resistance becomes a determining factor if you have pets running around at home. Once again porcelain tile is a good choice, as well as laminate and plank vinyl, even carpeting. Stay away from solid hardwood as it easily scratches.

High or Low Maintenance?

If you don’t mind spending time, effort, and possibly extra money to keep the flooring in good condition, solid or engineered wood is at the top of the most recommended list. Covering the floor with rugs or runners may help cut down maintenance. When low maintenance is a priority, vinyl and tile are best.  

How Much Is the Budget?

Starting from the most affordable option at around $2 per square footage, ceramic and porcelain tile should be on the shopping list. Moving up higher at between $2 and $5, engineered wood or even domestic solid hardwood are some of the best in the range. At $5 and higher, you are in for premium products such as imported hardwoods or the highest quality luxury vinyl.

Floor installation is time and labor-intensive work. Contact Todd Huff Construction Inc., the best general contractor in Ventura County, to learn more about all flooring options and decide what is best for your Ventura home.